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Ways We Help You WIN

Let's be honest. Health Insurance can be confusing and easily misunderstood. Endless regulation can leave even the most well-intentioned agents with headaches, frustration and waste a lot of their valuable time. 


At GBL, our goal is to educate you on the changing complexities of the industry and provide you with the highest quality support, services, and revolutionary  tools available so not only will you survive the journey, you'll lead the way. 

Tools and Resources


GBL Agent Portal

  • A secure database filled with helpful tools like our free Med Supp Quoter, training archives, access to commissions, carrier documents, and more! 


Breakfast Breakdown Webinars

  • Every other Friday, we break down the information you need to know from industry updates, the group and individual markets, and other aspects of GBL. Each webinar is recorded and available on our Agent Portal  

Free, Frequent CEC Trainings

  • Each year, GBL offers more than 40 free Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to GBL-affiliated agents to help them easily stay on top of their game

Industry Experts

Talking Business

Acrisure Compliance Solutions (ACS)

  • Free Human Resources and Benefits Compliance service for you and your clients to utilize through your affiliation with GBL

David Hove, CPA on retainer

  • Specializes in tax services, credits and incentives, state, local and international tax issues, as well as compensation and benefits

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