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Marketing Support

At GBL, our goal is to help GBL-affiliated agents WIN! For that reason, we offer our affiliated agents a number of complimentary and exclusive marketing programs. That way, GBL-affiliated agents can focus on what they do best - selling and building relationships!

Email for more information.

Marketing Programs

Innovative Emails

  • At GBL, we sign you up for emails based on your contracting with us - and we do not believe in simply parroting a carrier's email. We look at each communication as a way to educate and ask W.W.A.S.A.D? or What Would a Smart Agent Do? GBL emails go steps further than our competition and give you the tools you need to succeed!


Copy, Paste, Go! (CPG)

  • CPG supplies ready-to-use content about topics agents would want to communicate to their clients, prospects, and communities. Simply copy the language out of our email, paste it to the platform of choice, and go! Content is specifically written for social media posts, client emails, and newsletters. 



Turning-65 Direct Mail Program

  • ​Our robust and proven Turning-65 Program enables GBL-affiliated agents to capture leads and make sales. Our two-part mailing program lets agents claim counties or zip codes to send customized mailers. We do all the work for you, from the list purchase, to the design of the mailers, to mailing them all year.  


  • ​Ever been stuck in back to back meetings and missed a big update? At GBL, we've got your back! GBLast is our free, texting service that is ONLY used for breaking news that you'll want to know ASAP, for example, when a carrier leaves a market or an important deadline changes. Signing up for GBLast means you'll have another way to receive this information even if you're not logged into your computer. 





Customizable Videos

  • GBL-affiliated agents have access to a library of videos about compelling topics that can be customized with their information at no cost. GBL-affiliated agents then deploy their videos in several formats, including social media posts, email signatures, and links to their websites. 

And the list does not stop there! Email to find out what else they can do to help you WIN!

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