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Go Green with GBL!

At GBL, we care about you and we care about giving you the best service possible. We want you to feel confident that the valuable information you provide to us to receive coverage is protected. We also want to communicate with you as efficiently as we can to ensure that you and or your business can receive peace of mind and ensure you/ your employees have health insurance coverage.

In pursuit of those goals, we recommend you download Adobe DC – a free and safe PDF viewer.

With Adobe DC, you can:

  • Quickly and efficiently fill out forms and send them back – without the hassle of printing and scanning

  • Trust that your information is protected

  • Save money on printing

  • Save money on paper

Simply click the link and get started today!


GBL does not own and is not responsible for Adobe DC. You are not required to download this software to conduct business with GBL. Adobe DC is not the only vendor online who offers such a product, but is one that clients have used and recommended.

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